Good Day – Dobriy Den

Section A:

Dancers will be punctual for all classes and rehearsals. This allows for the rehearsal to run efficiently and without distraction to others. Please arrive prior to the start of your class in order to be changed and ready to begin at the scheduled time.

Dancers will act respectfully without talking, so as to learn as much as possible and to contribute positively to class.

Dancers must report all injuries or illness to the instructor prior to the start of class. Lates and absences must be reported to the instructor prior to the class by an appropriate representative.

Dancers must come to class ready to learn, work hard and have a good time. I require 100% effort by each student.

Food and chewing gum are not permitted in class.

Dancer must review and practice material learned during class for the following week.

Section B:

Parents wishing to speak to the instructor regarding the instruction of their child must do so by appointment so that instructional time is used for teaching dancing.

*Placement in choreography is subject to attendance, class conduct and the instructor’s discretion.